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Happy Wheels 2

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Happy Wheels 2 game full of dark humor to say the least. It is a whimsical, full of brutality and the designers knew why they incorporated that feature. To start with, Happy Wheels 2 is designed by Flash and who don’t like anything that is designed by these legends? It is something out of the world, easy to use and fun. Yes fun, because not only are you engaged playing, there is an awesome soundtrack accompanying it, this makes it perfect for you if you have your headphones on. Don’t shout though if you don’t make it to the end of the level in one piece. It was first release in 2010 and the desktop version is still the best. You can try Happy Wheels 2 Game for free at our website.
Happy Wheels 2It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or not, the approach is similar and furthermore, Happy Wheels Unblocked is freely available in the web. Follow the easy to use instructions and choose your character well. For you to get to the end of the level, use the incorporated tools with great efficiency. Don’t also forget to use the mode of transportation available, they range from wheelchairs to Segway. The game is meant for the lions out there, it is gory yes but you will have a laugh. Just make sure that you reach the end of the level without being crushed by the many obstacles present. Your character’s death is gory to say the least. Happy wheels 2 contain several levels like the Lawn Mower Frenzy, Rope Soccer and Sledge Joy Ride. The Rope Level can allow you to have a look of the player’s mind, vile imaginations they have so you know their intentions and maneuver swiftly. To controle the game use the following keys: "Arrows-to move or change directions" ; "Space Bar-For tackling and action" ; "Z-to alight from the vehicle". In conclusion we can say that this game is fun and the thrill comes with the gore involved. Happy Wheels 2 game is the game to be played for sure, visit our website and try it out for free. I can’t explain more, play it and experience the fun.

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